About the authors

Former housemates, met thanks to a fairly cheap and central college accommodation and bonded over beer, comic books, cartoons and grocery shops tours. We have a common passion for food technologies and innovation (and for a cat, see below), that here we want to share it the rest of you. We are open to every novelty and ready to try whichever food EXCEPT PINEAPPLE ON PIZZA.

Ivy! Kitty Supreme.

Gianlorenzo De SantisIMG_6310

I recently graduated in Food Marketing, at UCC.ย I developed through my studies a keen interest in food innovation and security, consumer research and sustainability.

While researching for my final project for my master in food marketing, a consumer research on attitudes and perception about entomophagy, using insects (!) as an alternative, sustainable ingredient in food consumption, I have matured a fascination toward novel foods, alternative consumption, sustainable development and circular economy, fields in which I want to expand my expertise.

Andrea Di Vita